Slowing Down

by Daniel G. Harmann

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On his newest album, Slowing Down, Daniel G. Harmann has achieved a new level of sincerity and brutal realism as a writer. With the release of his 10th studio album, Slowing Down, Harmann has both moved forward and returned to his roots. And while doing so, he’s quietly cemented himself as one of the Northwest’s preeminent songwriters.

The album is about rebirth, getting older—and at its core— about trying to continue growing as we get through everything life throws at us along the way. The songs aren’t trying to accomplish anything beyond authenticity. With, Slowing Down, Daniel G. Harmann isn't trying to write a perfect album. He's just writing an album—an honest one. And it's sometimes when an artist stops fighting with the battle of doing something great that their art can be freed of that burden and simply exist as something real.


released June 4, 2016

Written by Daniel G. Harmann

Played by Daniel G. Harmann, Colin Black, Bill Nordwall, Drew Larson, Jacob Fasel, Kennith Darling, Eric Woodruff, Frank Charlton, Matthew Emerson Brown, Anika Reichert, & Kaseyo.

Produced & recorded by Daniel G. Harmann at Hello Tower in Seattle WA, Winter 2015-2016.
Additional recording by Matthew Emerson Brown at Crackle & Pop in Seattle WA, April 2016.
Mixed by Matthew Emerson Brown in Hamburg Germany, May 2016.
Mastered by Adam Straney at Breakpoint Mastering, May 2016.

Cover photograph by Daniel G. Harmann. Additional photography by Chris Larralde.
Layout & design by Chris Larralde.

2016 Daniel G. Harmann (BMI)



all rights reserved


Daniel G. Harmann :: the Trouble Starts Seattle, Washington

Daniel G. Harmann is a master craftsman of working class art. With the lyrical depth of Low or Sun Kil Moon, DGH's work is as powerful as late 90s post punk, & as emotionally honest as Jimmy Eat World, Idlewild, or even Fugazi. DGH's songs draw the listener in with their dark & smoky feel, while escorting you through life's landscape of pain & redemption in a way only a trusted friend can. ... more

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Track Name: Carbondale
You say you can’t find the strength anymore I say I’ll walk you in right to the door the sound of my blood rushing through the walls will likely kill us all so long won’t leave you behind you say this night is yours & it is mine.
Track Name: Hesitations
Float me alcohol enough to get me through my head repurposed union halls hide the sin of broken men they throw it at the wall & only hope that something sticks & after this you’ll see right through what I can give because of this we were young & dumb now we’re cheating death & those fake friends will never know when I’m like this those fake friends will never know the half of it.
Track Name: Dues
And oh restless soul forever go on will always go on & oh these imagined foes always stand strong never let go these hands will always bend the notes somehow inside I’ve always known where I’d end up too smart for hope too dumb to rest ten spots behind second best & I’m growing old the same lazy chords feel like home so long London singing toward Thames & old beaten words forever go on will always go on.
Track Name: Volition
I’m buying back my records I sold to pay rent Dear You blue marble & Clarity test press we’re holding on crossing out names & hope & so it goes the things we ask into our homes never make up for the loss we took on the day that we bought.
Track Name: So
This might be the last book that I ever toss into the raging sea this might be the last look that you ever throw that I pretend to see you were all that mattered my everything now you’re only matter now you’re just like everything you said it you own it you are the cover of American Football love the light is on I know you’re staying up I think I’ll drive around the lake we’re wrapped up smoking with our gloves on we’re hiding out from the face of dawn our favorite bands come from towns with winter names.
Track Name: Zocalo
Heaven knows that I don’t know the basics of how all this goes you sleep you breathe you cross the floor & I sit below & hum along setting sun you’re my setting sun & I’m a space to fill setting sun on my setting sun am I the time you kill the softer words won’t hide the lies I’m climbing down off the other side setting sun you’re my setting sun I’ve no more time to kill setting sun oh my setting sun so this is how to feel.
Track Name: Lyle
Such better songs I never sung I long for sun & Born to Run you hide inside this mansion Savannah in the autumn I know you’re lost the friends you love will leave you the ones who don’t mistrust you they’ll steal your songs.
Track Name: Sirens
There’s a gunman on the loose tonight & I’ve never felt safer is this where you are is this where you want to run to surround yourself with the ones you love hold on to their faces.
Track Name: Endless
You say you want out but you don’t know outside your door perfect homes you play along in your own way leave it alone no-one you know will walk you home in wider worlds in endless time I might wake up & see you didn’t mind the man I was to you & long ago when you were mine & I was lost you swore you’d never find the boy you once knew.
Track Name: Tectonic
All the world’s oceans are falling down the histories I keep the truth it always digs in deep reminds me when I’m weak I don’t know the score how I’m slowing down & I can hear the ghost of you at the door every silent space is made of sound reckless & pulsing as I lay down you’re keeping me from sleep & I can barely speak anymore maybe I’m just too weak I can’t feel anymore what’s real anymore & I can’t feel the ghost of you anymore.