the Lake Effect

by Daniel G. Harmann



released April 20, 2004

Recorded & Produced February 2003 by Graig Markel at the Recovery Room in Seattle WA.

Played by Daniel G. Harmann, Graig Markel, Seth Howard, Lesli Wood, Bob Smolenski, Rosie Thomas, Drew Ringo, Tom Baisden, Bryan Thunstedt, Louis O’Callaghan, Zera Marvel & Jacob Fasel.

Additional engineering by Louis O’Callaghan & Seth Howard.

Mixed & Mastered by Graig Markel.

Layout & design by Corianton Hale.



all rights reserved


Daniel G. Harmann :: the Trouble Starts Seattle, Washington

Daniel G. Harmann is a master craftsman of working class art. With the lyrical depth of Low or Sun Kil Moon, DGH's work is as powerful as late 90s post punk, & as emotionally honest as Jimmy Eat World, Idlewild, or even Fugazi. DGH's songs draw the listener in with their dark & smoky feel, while escorting you through life's landscape of pain & redemption in a way only a trusted friend can. ... more

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Track Name: Location is Everything
Set out for shores not seen before I won't regret my life my breath my friends I'm not afraid to die because I'm not afraid to live.
Track Name: Broken Will, Bleeding Heart
Every couple of years we will look at our lives where we've been and where we began we are where we began and don't forget to life your life bound by faith we will walk Chicago streets this bitter winter uncommon friends are a waste of time and so am I.
Track Name: Cold, A Whole Minute
Wait one more last minute I might just let it out I might just get through this and if we stand alone and if we stand on yesterday will we hold or falter hold my hand take my hand your cheek to mine it's cold send me love send the lifeboats I am love I'm a lifeboat I am love I am all you'll ever need.
Track Name: Nineteen Forty Five
Nineteen forty five you ran banks from the eastside and no-one will take that away and no-one will take your place it's alright hello tower I sent you flowers on the fifth of July in this sparkling city that we call home for the night.
Track Name: Bloodletting
The sun is setting on the western shores of our love and I'm forgetting who we ever were and I won't be letted to the proud and true you were led there and I will follow you and I will love you through your darkest days and I will follow but you'll throw it all away.
Track Name: Fade In/Fade Out
I'll be standing at your door with my eyes closed I will fall asleep on one note if you love me then leave me don't just drown me in your life fade in fade out my year just went south you'll be standing at my door with your eyes closed you will fall asleep on long roads if you love me get some sleep and think fondly of our time.
Track Name: Like Light
As I wake to hear you breathe like light through my blinds I'll wait and dream tonight my love don't count me out your life is in my hands.
Track Name: One Last Thing:
It's been two years on and you're two years gone now I'm just starting to learn all the things you gave me you took me you saved me Jesus gave you to all those who knew you so goodbye and good night my friend I'll see you again.
Track Name: Sometimes I Forget My Name
This was our home smoke runs through and up to our room on the hill where we used to sled sometimes I go there and I see you and I see me this is where we became the people we are my life was giant butterflies and long bike rides with you cold water runs through I'll try to swim but not under the road there's birthday parties that no-one will attend let's try again hey kids there's deer on the lawn we planted trees and dug our driveway so we could leave if I could un-dig that snow I'd try to make it home again I'll bring in the wood I'll brush off the snow I'll water the plants I'll sweep the porch as long as you don't leave can't we all go together this is what I dream I don't want the pain of saying goodbye.