White Mountains

by Daniel G. Harmann

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Tucked into the corner of a map in northeastern Arizona, the White Mountains exist, barely. A stunningly beautiful landscape of hatred and fear, shrouded in religion and blanketed in snow. This is where Daniel G. Harmann spent his youth, and where he chose to revisit on his first solo outing in seven years.

Produced by Brandon Eggleston (Modest Mouse, the Mountain Goats, Josh Ritter, John Vanderslice), this barren yet dense piece of art was recorded and mixed in a week, on all analog gear, with only guitars, keyboards & drums. As simple yet as complicated as it’s namesake, White Mountains is at once reminiscent & completely foreign, compared to Harmann's previous territory.


released April 9, 2015

Written by Daniel G. Harmann.
New Concerns was written by Scot Porter & Daniel G. Harmann.
Played by Daniel G. Harmann, Bill Nordwall & Colin Black.
Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Brandon Eggleston, August 17-23 at Cloud City Sound in Portland OR.
Additional mixing by Brandon Eggleston at Gold Mine in Vancouver WA.
Mastered by Adam Straney at Breakpoint Mastering in Seattle WA.
Additional vocals on Bastion & Follow Building Lines by Kye Alfred Hillig.

Brian Jackson, Bill Nordwall, Colin Black, Brandon Eggleston, Kye Alfred Hillig, Tony Roy, Adam Oliver, Pete Jordan, Adam Straney, Sophia Bianchi, Merrit Yeary, Carrie Akre, Rod Sawyer, Jacob & David Fasel, Kim Kopeski, Richard Davies, the Round Valley High School Athletic Department, my Folks, & Spleen.

Cover photograph by Richard Davies :: richarddavies.co.uk - Used with Permission.

Additional photography by Daniel G. Harmann & Brian Jackson
Layout & design by Brian Jackson

© 2015 Daniel G. Harmann (BMI)



all rights reserved


Daniel G. Harmann :: the Trouble Starts Seattle, Washington

Daniel G. Harmann is a master craftsman of working class art. With the lyrical depth of Low or Sun Kil Moon, DGH's work is as powerful as late 90s post punk, & as emotionally honest as Jimmy Eat World, Idlewild, or even Fugazi. DGH's songs draw the listener in with their dark & smoky feel, while escorting you through life's landscape of pain & redemption in a way only a trusted friend can. ... more

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Track Name: The A in Adam
This town this place a god fearing hole of mirrors & haze so pure so chaste we’re simple & true & we’ll lay you to waste so come on & join us for something we’ll bow our heads & reach out to something our future secure with payments to something our children stand tall & sing out to something we’re holy & separate waiting our years away you may lose god but you’ll always fear the flame.
Track Name: Pistols at Dawn
Load your guns sharpen your knifes flood the cellar lock every door & go like you mean to leave & live like it’s time to die through waiting for the sky to fall won’t waste a precious second more summer to broken fall I hardly know this frozen reservoir you’ll never know how far you’ll fall.
Track Name: Anna
Say goodbye to songs & what you know come inside it’s warm make yourself at home & give your wings a rest & say goodbye to branches lined with all your friends your winter’s rushing in & did you know I met your cousin then I held him in my hand & everyone you know will stay so close & pray your wings bring you home.
Track Name: Foreverever
Seven homes for seven different souls sick of planning this all alone so I’m broken to the bone wasted friend your sedentary home listen close it’s almost too far gone wait up it’s something tragic for us all you find you’re treading on your own secret trials & foreign homes all alone this place is overgrown & you can’t run it knows the places that you go become unknown & listen to your own.
Track Name: Bastion
He has t-shirts of bands cables & mic stands to remind him who he used to be he has blood on his hands a weak back & life plan to remind him who he couldn’t be & he’s so lost she has posters of bands t-shirts & wristbands to remind her who he’ll never be she has eyes made of sand weekends on islands to remind her who she needs to be & she’s so lost he has marks on his hands motel keys & roadmaps to remind him who he used to be she has time on her hands hangups & last chance to remind her who they used to be.
Track Name: Follow Building Lines
Wasted youth on another wasted truth & you’re letting go & I know that this is you on the back lawn this is you finally letting go tonite one truth you’re so sure of I'll leave it up to you but you won’t let go at all one truth I’m so frightened I’m young again with you in the soft snowfall.
Track Name: This Is How Your Hell Will Sound
Sat & listened to lies & noise bang & scratch at these four walls sat & ignored your desperate calls bury remorse baby i’m a fraud stole this song from Paul & John & you know baby I’m a fraud find the branch & I’ll bring the rope it only takes a nod.
Track Name: It's Fine, It's Fine
She was swearing up & down that this would be the last time San Francisco’s all alone the Atlantic Ocean stirs & moans she found another she found the one she was swearing up & down about a friend one last time.
Track Name: New Concerns
I came here one time all alone in a past life new concerns kept me at home all the lessons pulling eyes down River Road keep the doors locked stack up the herd they’ll let you go but we’ll catch up our days are so long black lines we draw to cross them out the same nights we take to lay it down we hold our own lost souls are the ones that run this town we slip out & never make a sound we live we love we grow we die this time is ours it’s mine it’s now.
Track Name: Elkland
White noise & it’s white knuckles & white pickups swerve through white mountains white blood cells the white drugs are in white people on white mountains say you don’t mind if we’re even this time you’ll leave here & so will I say you don’t mind if I sang a song for you I’m leaving this all behind for you.